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Deep Draft Brewing is named to honor the deep water ships that have been an integral part of Puget Sound's history, particularly in Bremerton, homeport to USN aircraft carriers and submarines and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. We also like to think we craft a "thinking man's (or woman's)" beer.


In 2011, George Wood (a retired pattern maker) and Erik Sweet (a nuclear trained Navy Mustang) were homebrewing and drinking lots of beer... Somewhere in their cups, they got the idea that George (and Erik) could brew better beer than most and wouldn't it be fun to run a brewery when Erik retired? Without much effort, Erik convinced his Love, Linda, and they all acquired the old condemned Wig Wam Tavern property in Gorst that had a garage out back that seemed suitable for a brewery. With a LOT of help from a LOT of friends, from Oct 2011-May 2012, they renovated and opened the Wig Wam Pub, a beer bar with 16 taps of craft beer and some amazing TX-style BBQ to boot! It was founded and has continued with love, friendship, and community. Over the next three years, George and Erik and Linda were dreaming, scheming, and planning the brewery-to-be, acquiring used equipment, making contacts in the WA brewing community, and continuing to do lots of "research." Erik was set to retire in May 2015 and Linda was still on active duty, a Destroyer Captain in Pearl Harbor, HI (a DDG is the inspiration for the mast on our logo). On 26 April 2015, 4 days from his retirement date after 26+ years in the Navy, Erik tragically drowned in Kailua, HI. In the summer of 2015, Linda came back to WA and with the tremendous support and love of their Wig Wam family and friends, George and Linda have kept moving forward.

Our master brewer is man known to many as "Uncle Beer" and George happily plays the assistant. Uncle Beer brewed for Thomas Kemper back in the day and has been masterfully home brewing on an impressive scale ever since.

                                           THE DREAM LIVES ON AS LONG AS THE BEERS FLOW! 

Deep Draft Brewing is a destination for marvelously crafted beer and a place for old sea-going salts and the salt of the earth people of the Kitsap Peninsula to enjoy a pint (or three) with Shipmates, battle buddies, and friends.



Our MASTER BREWER: Michael Kaperick is the keeper of all of the brew knowledge, providing us with time tested recipes and colorful stories -- his beer is clean, simple and simply fantastic with just four ingredients!

Our ASSISTANT BREWER & OWNER:  George Wood is still smiling  -- he runs the maintenance and minor "grunt work" and his forte is telling tales over a pint glass!

Our CAPTAIN & OWNER:  Linda Seymour-Sweet -- hails from NY/NJ and recently retired from nearly 25 years of service in your United States Navy as a nuclear trained Surface Warfare Officer.  She runs sales, marketing, bookkeeping and our Tasting Room and is a brewer-in-training, dutifully shoveling out the mash tun and crawling under the fermenters on brew days.

We have three wonderful and energetic other Tasting Room Staff: Chrystal, Steve & Shawnda. They aim to please and each has their own brand of beer and cider knowledge.  

Come visit us Tu / Th / Sat / Sun --- WE ARE PROUD TO SERVE!